Take Control Of Your Private Data

Data captured or generated by your mobile device should belong to you, and you should control IF and WHEN that data is shared and with whom.

At Privacy Sentry, our goal is to provide tools that reveal the hidden activities of mobile devices, give you control over your private information, and ultimately allows you to dictate the terms of data sharing.


SpyAware for Android

Know which apps are transmitting your data, how much data they are taking, and where the data is being sent. Start slapping down mobile apps that spy on your privacy, including reporting them to the FCC.

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Enough already!

Stop compromising people’s personal security.

Apps on your phone have blanket permissions to take your data – access to your contacts, emails, record your conversations, text messages etc. They even know where you are, at all times.

And they are collecting your data and continuously uploading it to cloud servers controlled by their makers. Data brokers and others gather your private information to profile you for marketing and monitoring purposes – often with no obligation to protect your security.

We believe it doesn’t have to be this bad, your data should belong to you, and you should control when it is shared and with whom. We believe you should be told when your data is taken and why and that you should have a say when your information is sold.

Privacy Sentry’s patented approach allows users to fully utilize their mobile device without compromising their personal security. After all, the government, enterprises and consumer users of mobile devices will be better served and have a more satisfying experience if they are secure from unwanted data piracy.

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